April has always lived in her famous mother’s shadow. Will she find the light she is looking for or will she just end up somewhere darker?

New to Almost Eternal? Start with the prologue here or if you enjoy being confused just pick a random chapter below.

This story contains swearing, violent/sexual/triggering themes and clueless teenagers all mixed in with an unhealthy dose of dark humour.

Life is dark, but I try to keep it light.

Chapter 47 – Fill The Void

Warning: Sexual violence, issues of consent, suicidal thoughts and generally unpleasant. Faith had been fifteen when she’d lost her virginity. She had been taking a remedial science class over the summer when she’d met the lucky fella. His name was Adam or it might have been Alan; she forgot which. He’d boldly seated himself nextContinue reading “Chapter 47 – Fill The Void”

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